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The Patternmaking and Sewing lessons that come to you

Ours is a unique system, we provide you with high quality DVD's for the garment construction. This course is designed to reach you wherever you are and uncover your inner creativity and give you step-by-step skills to draft and make unique garments in your own home. You will learn to create fashion, not merely copy fashion as you progressively achieve Certificate and or Diploma

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New Zealand School of Fashion

Visual Lessons on 5 DVD's

  • By following the visual lessons you will gain Confidence to tackle all the assignments and projects; it is now possible to learn all the sewing skills you will need with our distance dressmaking course by correspondence.
  • Step by step, beautifully demonstrated visual instructions, of each of the sewing techniques including collars, plackets, facings, sleeves, zips etc. and visual lessons on sewing requirements, pattern buying, layout, cutting, marking, interfacing and pressing.
  • The technical reference set is source of tried and tested sewing techniques that will help you achieve a professional and accurate result every time.
  • Below are a few of the testimonials we have received

    Team of professionals

    When I decided 5 years ago to develop the Pattern Drafting with Confidence TOOL © and write the books, I knew that I would use detailed diagrams with different colored lines - as I've found after 40 years of teaching that diagrams are far easier understood than written descriptions

    1. Using the Step-By-Step instructions in the manual and the Patternmaking with Confidence TOOL will take the fear out of  Pattern Drafting
    2. This Book and TOOL and the course developed by Marlene Kuba - are so easy to use.
    3. You are looked after a very experienced team of tutors.

    Below are a few of the testimonials we have received